Our Variyar Swamigal stood as an example to a verse in  ' Thirukkural ' meaning that one who lead a virtuous life in this world could be considered as a God in the Space.

                  Swamigal 's manifestation happend on 25.08.1906 at kangeyanallur, a small temple town situated on the bank of the river  'Palar' at a distance of  5.0 K.M.  south east from Vellore and 4.0 Km North east from Katpadi and his sacred life mingled with the space on 7.11.1993.

                  'Samadhi' the holy tomb of our Variyar Swamigal lies on  the bank of the river 'Palar' as the holy tomb of Shree Raghavandra Swamigal lies on the bank of the river  'Thungabadra'

                   The Idol of Variyar Swamigal in sitting and gracing gesture has been erected on the tomb, housing  the tomb, a beautiful temple has been constructed and known as Deiva Thiru Muruga Krupananda Variyar Swamigal Thirukkoyil.

                   This Koyil has been built by Kayilai Mani P.Rajagopal Annachi the owner and 4500 employees of Hotel Saravana Bhavan Chennai out of their endless devotion and affection towards our Swamigal. This Thirukkoyil stands as a temple town of  Pilgrimage for devotees.


                 Variyar Swamigal Thirukkoyil has been built just infront of the Lord Murugan Temple. As soon as we enter into the main Mandapam (Hall)  of  the Thirukkoyil, we see "Saravanappoigai" which was built in earlier days by Variyar Swamigal. To the left of this poigai, a statue of Variyar swamigal with a Kamandalam in his hand, in standing gesture inside a small mandapam, and turning right to the poigai another mandapam in which an idol of God child Arumugan could be seen.

                The main Mandapam of the Thirukkoyil measures 59 feet by 46 feet in length and bredth respectively.

                After passing through the main mandapam we can see the Hexagonally constructed Thirukkoyil where in we can have the Dharshan of Swamigal  in a blessing gesture with smiling face and abounding compassion in his eyes.

                Each face of  the six faces of the Hexagonal temple contituted by rectangles with a base of 7 feet and height of   22 feet. Thus the faces of the Hexagonal Temple represents the six faces of Lord 'Arumugan'.

               Then stepping into the sanctum of the Thirukkoyil we see the samadhi of our swamigal (6 feet by 3 feet) decorated with flowers constituting a 'Sivalingam'. An everlasting light being spread from a lamp which is positioned facing to the North (facing the head of the Samadhi).

               The Icon of  Swamigal stands aside the samadhi.  The Icon measures 35 inches in height and 68-75 inches including the peedom(base).

               Entire area of the Thirukkoil of Swamigal is of 139 feet in Length and 102 feet in width.

               The Domed-roof of the Temple's sanctum is built to a height of 36 feet and provided with a Golden's Pinancle of 5 feet height. To go around the temple, a clean and beautiful pathway among a greenish lawn has been laid and decorated with electric luminairs and an artificial spring.

               The Thirukkoyil and its pleasant surroundings conquers the hearts of those people who look at this koyil.

               A Guest House with all facilities has been built behind the Thirukkoyil for the devotees to stay there.

               Arupadai Veedu Murugan Kalai Arangam, an Arts and Cultural Hall with a huge stage has been built to the south of the Thirukkoyil.

Daily Pooja Performances: 

 Morning  Pooja at 7.00 A.m

Noon Pooja at 11.30 Hrs and

Evening at 7.00 Pm Poojas are being performed daily.

Monthly Celebrations:

             Special pooja after Abishekam are being performed on 'Sashti' days and 'Kruthigai' day of every month, The idol of  Swamigal is taken on a devotional procession around the temple and streets during Krithigai days.

            Abisekam after conducting yagam on full moon day of every month is performed. During Full moon day Pooja celebrations Full feast is offered for 1000 people and food pockets for 1000 children are also distributed. These number may increase in due course.

           It brings 'Periya Koyil' and Meenatchi Temple into our memory when somebody say  Thanjai (Tanjore) and Madurai respectively. Like that 'Variyar Swamigal Thirukkoil' brightens and flowers in our memory when hearing 'Vellore'. Thus the Spendour of  'Thirukkoyil' is growing greater day by day.

            Our Variyar Swamigal's benediction is always there for one and all. Through his blessings many got releived themselves from stress, some got children, in general Swamigal fulfills the need and ambition of those who have whole hearted faith in him.

              The day to day expenditure for the administration, execution, maintenance and pooja performance are being met by 'Variyar Swamigal Thirukkoyil Paramarippu committee' constituted by its Managing Trustee. Kayilaimani P.Rajagopal Annachi of Hotel Saravana Bhavan' chennai and Kanchipuram.

A Request:

              Aspirants, well wishers and kind people who want to take part in this benifaction may offer donation and contribution on their birth days, wedding anniversary days, on the rememberence days  of their fore fathers etc. to the following Address:-


 Regd. Office.
Hotel Saravana Bhavan,
228, N.S.K  salai,
chennai-600 026.
phone: 480 2577

Administrative Office:

Chief Executive,
1,Subramaniya Swami Koyil Street,
Kangeya Nallur & P.O
Vellore -632006.
Phone:0416 -248922/240173

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